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Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

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Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

The SBA guaranteed lending program encourages banks and non-bank lenders to make long-term loans to small firms by reducing their risk and leveraging the funds they have available. The SBA itself does not make the loans but guarantees up to 85% of a start-up franchise loan. Rates are usually competitive and terms are generally longer than other sources.

It would serve you well to familiarize yourself with all the SBA has to offer. Go to their website,www.sba.gov., and click on Financing Your Business. There you can learn about estimating financing costs, SBA loan programs, preparing financial statements, financial management for a growing business, and much, much more.

SBA's new Finance Franchise Registry lists names of franchise companies whose franchisees enjoy the benefits of a streamlined review process for SBA loan applications. Participation in the registry is voluntary, and a franchise system's presence or absence on the registry should not be construed as either an endorsement or disapproval on the part of the SBA.

Starting a business or expanding a current business can be expensive. There are grants and loans available for individuals allowing business expansion or development. The first though coming to the mind of most is going to a bank for a business loan when in reality; the government is the largest provider of grants to begin a small business.

Many big businesses got their start with a small government grant. There are grants available for expanding and improving as well as beginning a business. The Small Business Administration is a government mandated organization designed to assist small businesses with programs offering loan assistance.

Through the Small Business Admistration small business can apply for both long and short term loans to assist them with their business needs. There are four basic types of loans offered through them. A business loan guaranty program, the micro loan program, 504 certified development company business loan program and the small business investment company program

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